• Blake’s Flannel Mouth

    Blake’s Flannel Mouth is made with a wide array of late season table and dessert apples. This succulent combination gives it a sweet flavor than finishes incredibly smoothly. Made 100% with Michigan grown apples, Flannel Mouth is sure to win you over.

  • Blue Moon

    The flavor starts crisp and tangy and ends with a coriander and orange spiciness. The Valencia orange peel gives a subtle sweetness to the beer.

  • Pabst Blue Ribbon

    Pabst Blue Ribbon is a premium lager brew crafted with a hefty infusion of 6-row barley in its ingredient package, a carefully balanced carbohydrate profile from corn syrup, and a unique combination of Pacific domestic hops blended with an imported Yugoslavian variety.

  • Dos Equis Lager

    Bright gold, high carbonation, flowery malt aroma finishes with a sour malt, dry malt aftertaste.

  • Coors Light

    Coors light is the second best-selling beer in the U.S. Coors Light employs a unique frost-brewing process that locks in a taste as cold as the Rockies themselves. Coors Light goes to great lengths to make sure you get the best beer experience using cold-activated and vented, wide-mouthed cans.

  • Labatt Blue

    Labatt Blue, brewed using specially selected aromatic hops, is a well balanced, fully matured, full-flavored beer with a fruity character and a slightly sweet aftertaste.

  • Labatt Light

    This beer uses specially selected North American aromatic hops and lager yeast. The result is a crisp, clean and delicately balanced beer with a slight sweetness and citrus-like hop character.

  • Sufferfest Kolsch



    Sufferfest Kolsch

  • Goose Island Paper Umbrella



    Goose Island Paper Umbrella

    Tropical IPA with refreshing and tropical coconut and pineapple hop character.

  • Blue Moon Iced Coffee



    Blue Moon Iced Coffee

    A blonde-colored wheat ale with bright coffee aroma and mild malt sweetness for a balanced taste and clean finish.

  • Stroh's Detroit Lager



    Stroh’s Detroit Lager

    To pay homage to Stroh’s roots, The Detroit Lager recipe calls for traditional corn grits, which give the beer a piercingly crisp finish. the ble3nd of caramel malts lend themselves to a soft golden hue, and a subtle sweetness that compliments the hop bill, resulting in a refreshingly balanced, super premium brew.

  • Labatt Blue Citra



    Labatt Blue Citra

  • Great Lakes Conways Irish Ale



    Great Lakes Conways Irish Ale

Tri County Beverage Company Selling 5 Hour Energy 16 Oz. Cans

Tri-County Beverage was created in 1994. However, the company’s origin can be traced back to 1958 and was known then as The Wolpin Company when Walter Wolpin joined his father in the business. Walter continues to lead the company today. Over the years many competitor buyouts resulted in a quadrupling of its sales: 1976 United Beverage, an Anheuser Busch Wholesaler; 1994 Don Lee and Henry Kozak, both leading multi-brand Wholesalers.


Today Tri-County Beverage services Oakland and Macomb Counties with annual sales of 3,000,000 cases.