Our History


Tri-County Beverage was created in 1994. However, the company’s origin can be traced back to 1958 and was known then as The Wolpin Company when Walter Wolpin joined his father in the business. Walter continues to lead the company today. Over the years many competitor buyouts resulted in a quadrupling of its sales: 1976 United Beverage, an Anheuser Busch Wholesaler; 1994 Don Lee and Henry Kozak, both leading multi-brand Wholesalers.

Today Tri-County Beverage services Oakland and Macomb Counties with annual sales of 3,000,000 cases. Our portfolio leads in many of the different beer categories with brands such as Labatt, Coors Light, Blue Moon, Pabst, Stella, Sierra Nevada, Seagram plus many more leading domestic, craft and imported brands as you will discover throughout our website.


Our Company eagerly looks forward to servicing our retailers with the best brands and personnel. We are a community-oriented company that provides employment for 150 men and women and their families.